Thin Blade Slitter Scorer


Thin blade copy

Technical parameter:

Design speed:100m/min.
Expiry width: 1800mm
Five knife 8 press lines
Electric move, Electric adjust knife
Adopt tungsten steel thin blade high speed cutting. the edge unknit and lubricity.
Automatically grinding system, can grind the knives without stop the machine. The grinding time and length can be set as requirement.
The whole machine electric transverse move.

Main features:

1. High quality tungsten alloy thin knife, sharpening device is equipped with both automatic and manual structure and convenient operation.
2.Wheel wire wheel pressure line using French technology lines and beautiful cardboard Martin should not be broken. According to user requirements with a four-or five-blade knife six-eight lines.
3.The machine speed can be synchronized with the host running the operation to reduce the staff alone. Lower production costs. Equipped with electric correction device.Can be tracked according to the operating position slitting cardboard.Reduced waste paperboard.


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