Over transport bridge


over transport bridge copy

Structural features:

1.This part of the main beam is mainly connected by channel, beam, angle, coNXGNn, etc connected together.
2.Both sides of the security fence, high strength and save people the word pedals, ensure operator safety and ease of operation.
3.Ascension pull paper axis, the tension axis, feeding off of the shaft, such as surface grinding hard chrome plating process.
4. Adopt adsorption tensioner tension adjusting device, the air voNXGNe is adjustable.
5.Correction device for the electric, easy to operate. Correction side fence with double guide coNXGNn positioning screw driver, fast and accurate positioning, walking steadily.
6.All roller surface by grinding off the hard chrome plating process.
7.Feeding conveyor transfer using green plain.

Technical Parameters:


No Name Technical parameters
1 Effective working width 1800mm
2 Operation direction According to customer’s require
3 Enhance Gear Motor 3.7kw
4 Bridge adsorption fan 2.2kw
5 Correction adjustment motor 0.37kw

Main related, raw material and origin:


Main parts name Brand or origin Material
Main backbone bridge Tangshan Steel plant No.20 channel No.20 beam
Main backbone bridge Tangshan Steel plant No.16 beam No.12 channel
Main backbone bridge Tangshan Steel plant No. 50 angle No. 40 angle.
Lift belt on feeding paper The real estate Nil
Cardboard conveyor belt Fuli Shenyang produced Nil
Los tile bearing Wanshan brand Aihui Nil
Bearing Hallowat brand quantity
Deviation motor Deyili motor factory 1 piece/set
Lift roller and each roller Local processing 1 piece/set
Electrical components Delixi Tianao Hydraulic plant 1 piece/set


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