Lead Edge Four Colour Printer Slotter Rotary Die Cutting Machine


Lead edge printing and rotary die cutting machine

Performance of the main features:

1.Designed According the high request and the reliable function, the operation of the machine is humanization, can accomplish the setting, revision, implement, replacing and memories function in a shot time, and display with a exact data.
2.All the drive rollers adopted high quality steel materials, hard chromium plating and the surface treated by lapping finish.
3.The drive gears adopt high quality alloy steel, after heat treatment and lapping finish.
4.Lubricate oil automatic balance device, keep the equal oil level equal in each unit.
5.The machine adopt PLC control, with “automatic zero return” and ”emories” function.
6.Use sun feeder for feed the cardboard.
7.Customer can chose use steel anilox roller or ceramic roller, the lines of the anilox roller ac so can be chosed accord the customer use.


Technical parameters:


parameter unit SYKM950-1800 SYKM950-2000 SYKM950-2200 SYKM4215-2200 SYKM4215-2400
Max. machinery speed Pcs/min 180 180 180 150 150
Economic printing speed Pcs/min 150 150 150 130 130
Max. size of paperboard mm 950×2000 950×2200 950×2400 950×2400 950×2600
Min. size of paperboard mm 260×600 260×600 260×600 260×600 260×600
Min. space ofslotting(Obverse knife) mm 160x160x160x160 160x160x160x160 160x160x160x160 160x160x160x160 160x160x160x160
Min. space ofslotting(Reverse knife) mm 280x80x280x80 280x80x280x80 280x80x280x80 280x80x280x80 280x80x280x80
Max. depth of slot mm 240 240 240 300 300
Skip feed size mm 110×2000 1100×2200 1100×2400 1500×2400 1500×2600
Max. printing area mm 950×1800 950×2000 950×2200 1250×2200 1250×2400
Thickness of standard printing plate mm 7.2 7.2 7.2 7.2 7.2


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