Electric Roll Stand


Electric shaftless reel stand copy

Structure characteristics:

1. Symmetrical structure may also install two original paper and finish 360-degree flip action, tube bundle is kept for paper assignments.Paper lift, clamp, loosen,andmove,adopt electric shift control.
2. Each motor is equipped with a friction clutch, so that in case of overload idling sprockets slipping, effectively protect machine and motor role.
3. Paper tension is adjusted by pneumatic brake or manual brake, top with tapered tip or expansive top. Disc brake and automatically bulge style chuck.
4. Each shaftless feeder rail bracket with two sets, both on paper trolley; trolley fitted with guide wheels on paper, you can steadily push the paper in place. Rails using the 12th channel and guide post weld on paper using 12mm car. Welded steel, paper feed rail length 4500mm.

Technical parameter:


NO. Name Parameter
1 Expiry width 1400mm
2 Action mode Electric action of up and down
3 Clamp paper range Max:1400mm Min:400mm
4 Clamp paper Dia Max:1400mm Min:400mm
5 Single arm Max load Max weight: 2000kg
6 Clamp motor Work power:0.75kw 4pcs
7 Lift motor Work power:2.2kw 1pcs
8 Voltage As customer’s required


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