NXGN-B Secondary gluing machine


Gluing Machine copy

Technical parameters:


No Name Technical parameters
1 Effective working width 1800mm
2 Operating direction According to customer’s requirement
3 wallboard Adopt casting HT200/thick 120mm
4 Pre-heater diameter Ø270 mm
5 Given paste roll diameter Ø142 mm
6 Down Preheat roll diameter Ø402 mm
7 Up preheat roll diameter Ø374 mm
8 Steam consumption 0.1-0.15MPa
9 Compressed air 0.6-0.9Mpa
10 Main motor frequency cycloid 3.0KW ratio:1:9
11 Electric adjust glue gap 100W ratio:1:1800

Structural features:

1.Paste glue roller and fixed roller with 45 steel, quenched the surface, the hole machining; do homeostasis surface grinding roller body engraved with pit-style textured, gluing evenly and consume less plastic.
2.PLC touch screen,heavy type,Squeegee roller surface grinding and hard chrome plated.
3.Remaining over the paper guide roller shaft and hard chrome plated.Platen roller up and down adopt pneumatic control, easy to operate.Glue the gap between the roller and roller squeegee using manual or electric inverter control.
4 .Automatic cycle for glue, glue to prevent sedimentation.
5.Preheat cylinder using Q235B container board, produced by professional manufacturers of pressure vessels, the preheating device, can accelerate the glue paste.
6.Bearings: Harbin Bearing.
7.Electronic components, accessories: adopt Shineider brand。
8.Pneumatic component,rotary joints,metal hose: AirTAC selection, Tengzhou Jin’xuan genuine products.


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