Semi-Automatic Double Jointed Stitching Machine


Semi Auto Double jointed stitching machine copy

Use and Characteristics:

1.Dual-Purpose, single-chip can be connected nail carton, two-piece can be connect nail carton, irregular carton
Machine can be all-electric adjusted, can be changed size quickly between two-three minutes
2.It can nail single nail, double nail, strengthen nail complete in one – time,
Paper feeding section can automatic count, send after the bundle into the bundle.
3.For larger cartons, bound in fast and laborsaving.
4.The of controlling stitching pitch is initialized by computer, stitching pitch 30- 100mm, can be directly input stitching pitch, or calculated it automatically.
5.It can also nail the carton that has only a bottom.

Technical parameters:


SIZE 2400mm
Max.sheet size (a+b)x2 4800mm
Min.sheet size (a+b)x2 1060mm
Max.sheet length 2850
Min.sheet length 350
Paper height 400 mm
Stitching pitch 30-120mm
Nailing speed 350 nails/min
Total power 18 HP
Number of nails 1-99


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