Automatic stacker machine



Full automatic gantry stacker copy 2

Technical Parameters:


Name Brand & Origin Material
Electrical elements Sheneider brand
Pneumatic elements Tian Ao
Proximate Matter Tangshan 10# 12# Channel steel
Transport belt Own city
Bearing HRB brand
Sealmaster Anhui Qianshan Wanshan brand



1.Automatically stack and collect the paperboard.
2.Pneumatic control the transversely output of paperboard, electrical ouput.
3.Vertical paperboard collecting use width belt for transportation.
4.When the paperboard stack to required height, the paperboard is output by switch controlled.


Technical Parameters:

1. Design speed: 150m/min.
2. Working width:1800mm.
3. Max. Length of paperboard: 2400 mm.
4. Max.Height of paperboard: 200 mm.L,
5. Gas: 0.4—0.9Mpa.
6. Steam Pressure: 0.8—1.3Mpa.
7. Operation direction: Left or right (design as customer’s workshop.)


Diameter of the rolls:

1. Belt roll: Ø86mm, Surface of roll is chrome-plated and polished.
2.Transversely output roll: Ø124mm Surface of roll is chrome-plated and polished


Drive Power:

1.Main transport motor: 0.75KW;380V; 50HZ
2.Transversely output motor: 0.55KW;380V; 50HZ
3.Running power: 0.55KW ;380V 50HZ


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