Chain Feed Single Colour Flexo Printer and Slotter Machine


single and two color printer with slotter machine1
single and two color printer 2




1.All the electrical appliances adopt domestic excellent products.
2.All the drive gears are skewed tooth. It adopts high frequency quenching, and part of them are cementite treated.
3.After milling, grinding and sprinkle lubricating, the driving precision and using life are greatly improved.
4.The mainframe, blower, phase motor, etc, adopt transducer control. The speed adjusting is steady, and it can save And it is correct and reliable.
5.Each set has emergency stop switches, which can ensure the safety of the operators.
Automatic Stacker(Option)

Technical Parameters:


Maximum speed 60 (pcs /min)
Max.feeding size 1400 x2200 mm
Skip feeding size 2200 mm
Max.printing size 1400 x 2000 mm
Thickness of printing plate 4.97 mm to 7.2 mm
Printing Color 1 color
Min. slotting space 210×50×210×50 mm
Max. slotting depth 230 mm
Printing precision ±0.5 mm


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