Thin Blade Cutting and Creasing Machine


NXGN-A Thin blade Scoring machine


Main Configuration:

1. 4 blades 6 scorers or 5 blades 8 scorers.
2. Adopt electromotion lift-lower in order to change the height of paper cutting and indentation, and to fit for the height of paper feeding.
3. Adopts novelty thin edge high speed paper cutting, the incisions are level up and velvet.
4. Auto-grinding edge system can be realized in the process of production, non-stop machine grinding edge, according to material and condition of hem, set the interval meter and the grinding time at any moment.
5. The whole set adopt electromotion movement horizontal, to correct cardboard deviation

NXGN-B Automatic Thin Blade and Slitter Scorer copy

Main configuration:

1. AC servo control in order change, fast and precise.
2. Slitting and indentation inverter control, synchronous with carboards’speed.
3. Alloyed steel thin-blade, automatic sharpening, cooling and greasing.
4. Easy in indentation mode change, automatic adjustment in indentation clearance.
5. Color code tracing slitting system and auto paper edge suction mechanism can be selected.
6. Colourful touch screen plate computer operation monitor, easy operation and visual monitor.
7. Perfect order management and operation monitoring, can be linked to production management system.

thin blade



Use and characteristic:

 1.Pre-pressed paper feeding ensures the stable paper transmit
 2.Thin edge (about 1mm thickness) slitting with automatic and manual grindstone grinding to keep edge sharp and make slit paper smooth and tidy all times
 3.Press lines on slit pre-pressed paper board ensure the original lines without crack
 The thin edge slitter used for corrugated board production line can be provided

Technical Parameters:


Model MIMT-2000
Width of paper(mm) 2000
The most speed of paper(m/min) 141
Slitting cutting 3-5
Min. Press line width 200mm
Min. Creasing width 200mm
Outer radius of thin round edge 260mm
Thickness of thin round edge 1mm
Power(kw) 4 Kw
Weight (kg) 2000 Kgs
Size (L x W x H ) 2630x1791x1130


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