Gluer machine


gluging machine

Structural features:

1.Glue-coating roller surface by conditioning, inner hole processing; Do the dynamic balance roller body surface grinding engraved with pit type anilox, glue uniform and consumption quantity of cement less.scrape rubber roller surface grinding and hard chromium plating processing.
2.The rest had paper axes and leading paper roll surface hard chromium plating.
3.Pressure paper roll lifting adopts adopt pneumatic control, convenient operation.
4.Glue-coating roller and scraping rubber roller clearances between using devise of electric or air control.(option)
5.This machine is of independent drive, automatic cycle glue supply, prevent glue precipitation, equipped with to heat device, can accelerate glue gelatinization.
6.This equipment simple structure, reliable operation, low failure rate, convenient operation, simple maintenance, Energy consumption low.


Technical Parameters:

1.Technical parameters:1800mm
2.Operation direction: left or right determined according to customer’s plant
3.Mechanical speed: 100m/min
4.Economic speed: 120m/min.
5.Temperature range: 100-200 .
6.Steam pressure: 1.12-1.3 Mpa.
7.Steam practive: 0.1-0.15 MPa compressed air: 0.6-0.9 MPa.
8.The machine(long x width x high) :2700mm x 1000mm x 2700mm.
9.Pressure paper way: touching pressure great type(option)


Diameter parameters of roller:

1.Roller diameter Ø270mm.
2.Fixed paste roller diameter: Ø 110 mm
3.Preheat roller diameter: under Ø 400 mm. The preheated roller diameter: Ø 400 mm.
4.paper roller diameter: Ø 86 mm


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