Semi Automatic Folder Gluer Machine



Semi Auto Folder Gluer copy 2


1.The machine can glue the opening of 3-ply and 5-ply corrugated cardboard.
2.Low cost machine, suitable for all kinds of cartons.
3.Auto piler allows to load maximum carton to operate.
4.Quick change over of sizes.
5.Continuous carton feeding is possible.
6.Automatic digital counter.
7.Finished carton travels to the end of conveyer by setting the number of carton as per requirement.
8.Reduces man power while comparing manual method.
9.Strong bonding and even pressing of the carton

Technical Parameters:


Model NXGN 2460
Max size of Carton(l x w x 2) 2460mm X 1515mm
Min size of Carton(l x w x 2) 340mm X 240mm
Power(kw) 2.2 Kw
Speed 40mtrs / min
PRICE 600000


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