Autmatic Flute Laminator


Use and characteristics:

1.The vacuum suction-type feeding system can lead the paper accurately into the machine; Cycle stacking planes could stack the next batch paper well in a state of non-stop working , more efficient.
2.Bottom sheet use suction auto feeding, automatic tracking according to the face paper’s speed.
3.New concept front gauge location, position high accuracy, bottom sheet never pull ahead.

4.Machine uses touch-screen/PLC/servo motor control system, circuit system is stable and could display the failure alarm automatically.
5.Automatic gluing and the glue can be used circulatory, avoid glue waste.
6.Roller design scientifically, avoid glue fly out when the speed is high.
7.Pressure rollers adopt one side adjustment, convenient and fast.
8.Rocker controls wash roller’s fluctuation, easy cleaning.
9.Counter designs scientifically, easy recording the amount you have been worked

Use and Characteristics:


Max size of cover face 1300mmX1100mm
Mix size of cover face 400mmX400mm
Economic speed 0-100 piece/min
Precision ±1.5
Power 10kw
Size 10m x 2m x 2.4m
Weight About 6T


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