Double Facer


Double facer copy-3 ply 2

Structural features:

1.The whole high strength wide channel steel structure, stable structure, beautiful, stability, adapt high-speed work.
2.The hot plate professional manufacture, the heating plate adopt high-strength container board production, accord with national pressure vessel safety standards. Hot plate 600mm steel, internal S form guide airflow structure, raise steam utilization
3.Rate. Multiple stiffeners welding keep the hot plate will never be deformed. With pressure vessel and certificate of inspection certificates.
4.Heating section using intensive roller pressure structure or hot linking piece structure, cardboard agglutinate firmly finalize the design level.
5.Steam pipe into steam, exhaust steam mouth press S form arranged, hot plate temperature balance and evenly.
6.The hot plate piecewise control temperature, adapt to the discretion of the speed adjustment. (or choose temperature * digital display)
7.Heating section pressure roller adopts electric or hydraulic lifting the ascent of the whole, stable, safe and reliable.
8.The conveyor belt is equipped with an automatic and manual correction device for each set of tension, pneumatic, manual adjustment each set of. Under the conveyor belt is equipped with tension and around deviation-correcting adjusting device.
9.Driven by ministry of large diameter anilox wear-resisting rubber with high, reduce belt skid and prevent conveying away slant, Improve the operation of equipment, to ensure the stability of the cardboard smooth output.
10.Independent reducer drive, the noise is small, adopt sealed immersed gear transmission. Can choose electromagnetic control motor or frequency conversion motor driver.

Technical parameters:

1.Effectively width.1800mm.
2.Operation direction: left or right determined according to customer\’s plant
3.Mechanical speed: 100m/min economic speed: 100-120m/min.
4.Temperature range: 160-200 ℃ steam pressure: 0.9-1.3 Mpa.
5.Steam practive: 1.2-1.8 MPa compressed air: 0.6-1.0 MPa.
6.Power supply requirements: voltage 380V frequency 50Hz.
7.Size of hot-board: 1850 mm× 600 mm× 160mm total 10pieces

Diameter parameters of roller


1.Main drive roller diameter: upper Ø 500mm, lowerØ500mm
2.before the driven roller diameter. After Ø after 270mm: former Ø 215mm;
3.Drying compressive belt roller diameter: Ø 70 mm
4.Finalize the design pressure belt roller diameter: Ø 70 mm
5.The belt tensioned roller diameter: Ø 110 mm with adjust deviation roller diameter: Ø 110mm
6.With a tight roller diameter under Ø 124 mm: towing roller diameter: Ø 86 mm

Note: all the roller surface all after hard chromium plating for grinding process.

Parameters of Dynamic motor

1.Main drive motor: 37KW 440V 50HZ


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