Over-bridge conveyor


Over-bridge conveyor

Structural features:

1.In this part main girder by channels, choices, Angle, connected to the mast, etc.
Both sides are secure guardrail, ladders, high strength, ensure person handwriting pedal operator’s job security, and convenient operation.
2.Ascension hold paper axis, tensioner axis, lose paper shafts with surface grinding pins processing plating hard chromium processing.
3.Adopt adsorption tension bridle device, sets up force adjusting device, adsorption voMIMTe size is adjustable.
4.Correction device for electric, convenient operation. Rectify side platens adopt double guide posts positioning, screw driver, locating accurately and rapidly, walks steadily.
5.Speed reasonable proportion, corrugated paper neatly stacked.
6.All the roller surface by grinding pins processing hard chromium plating processing.


Technical Parameters:

1.Working Width: 1800mm
2.operation direction: left or right; It is determined according to customer’s plant
3.Total height: 3500mm.
4.Economic speed: 100meters per minute.


Dynamic motor parameters:

1.Ascension motor: 2.2KW 440V 50HZ
2.Bridge adsorption: 2.2KW 440V 50HZ
3.Deviation-correcting adjustment 0.37KW 440V 50HZ


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