Automatic Stitching Cum Folder Gluer With Online Bundler



Technical Parameters:


Model Number NXGN2000 NXGN2200 NXGN2400
Max. Card board size 900x2000mm 950x2200mm 1000x2400mm
Min. Card board size 360x1000mm 360x1000mm 360x1000mm
Nail Specification 17# 18# 17# 18# 17# 18#


Technical Features:

This machine full computer manipulation, and operation easy, simple, can store 1000 a nail single.
Bottomless has cover box also can nail(needed in ordering shi description)
3-5 minutes adjustment size, simple shortcut.
Nail head power for servo motor, this machine used swing head, machinery speed: 1000 nail/ minutes.
Feeding board department used leading-edge belt ensure carton does not skew.
Feeding board department used servo motor control, Ensure carton does not skew.
This machine design has box plastic deatures, ensure nail box shi does not appears knife-edge: neatly does not skew.
This machine can nail single nail, and double nail, and strengthened nailone-time completed.
This machine can nail three layer, and five layer carton (seven layer needed or ordering shi ahead of statement)
This machine finally has automatically count code quantitative output.


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