NXGN-B NC Cut off machine


NC cut off machine copy


Main specifications:

1. Machine speed: 150m/min
2. Effective width: 1800mm
3. Cutting length: 500mm-9999mm
4. Cutting precision: ±1mm

Operation instruction:

1.Use the dependent oil pump and the filter coordinates two group of tubes to distribute in carious gears position for supplying oil ,the lubrication and colling.
2.Helical knife structure,Sawtooth blade type knife,decrease cutting obstruction,low noise.
3.Balance treatment: high quality alloy steel, for blade shaft, which helps to keep it good stability.
4.Sun-shape wheels press cardboard in the front and rear conveyor. The transporting is stable and with even pressure, which avoid jam caused or broken cardboard.
5.This type of Cut-off just consume the one of third energy compare with the common cutter with its especial structure, economize above 70% energy to get more money.
6.Exact and adjustable on gap gear assure knife-edge joggle exactly .running balanceable.
7.Computer system to keep order.Man-machine conversation system NC. Automatic adjust cutting speed by cardboard specification and machining.
8.The screen display various production message .Can consult,modification,superaddition and cancel order during running machine.


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