Hydralic shaftless reel stand



Hydralic shaftless reel stand

Main technical parameters:


No Name Technical parameters
1 Effective working width 1800mm
2 Mill roll stand action mode Full hydraulic action
3 Paper diameter Max:1500mm Min:350mm
4 Single side maximum load Max :3000kg
5 Main roll diameter Φ240mm
6 Hydraulic cylinder operating range (swing) Φ100mm×460mm
7 Hydraulic cylinder diameter (clamping) Φ63mm×720mm
8 Hydraulic station motor power 5.5kw


Main outsourcing parts, raw materials and origin:

1.Bracket spindle: high quality thick-walled seamless steel Origin: Chengdu
2. Sides of the clamp arm panels and uses: HT200 cast Origin: Hebei
3. Main beam connecting channel: 280mm Origin: Angang
4. Bearing: selection Kazakhstan, tile, Los production
5. Appliances category: Zhejiang CHINT production
6.Pneumatic components categories: AirTAC, Zaozhuang Origin: Taiwan, Shandong
7.Hydraulic Class: North liquid Group (Ward) Location: Beijing, Shandong Zaozhuang


Structure features:

1.Symmetric structure can also install two original paper rolls, paper for non-stop for the job.
2.Hydraulic drive, to be completed by paper lift, clamp, loosen, move the pair.
3.Pneumatic tension adjustment paper tension. Jam head with automatic expansion.
4. Muti-point type tension control pneumatic brakes, but also with splicer line control.


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