Fingerless single facer corrugation



fingerless single face corrugation


Structure features:

1.Vacuum adsorption ,with a high-pressure blower. With wind control device machine suction silencer; electrical control box to focus on the same host ,not less than 1.5 m , the operating side of the closed side of the hood.
2.Universal joint drive,Separation structure,Independent drive box,Enclosed gear oil immersion type lubrication ,can prolong the life of the gearing.
3.Corrugated roller diameter Ø360mm,Roller is 360mm,Material alloy roller ,after quenching and tempering, hardening, polished surface chrome plated hardness of HRC60 degrees, the cylinder control up and down .
4.Pressure roller diameter Ø360mm ,modulation processing with 45# carbon steel , machining and grinding off the surface chrome plated cylinder control up and down .

5.Upper and lower Preheat roll diameter Ø400mm, machining and grinding off the surface hard chrome plated, all metal hose connection
6.Pneumatic control glue , glue roller diameter Ø240mm, engraved with the pit-style textured back surface polished, hard chrome plated, transfer roller surface machining and grinding off the hard chrome plating
7.Corrugated roller bearings with high temperature and pressure grease lubricated bearings
8.Use electric insulation glue amount device,for easy operation and well performance
9.Corrugated roller unilateral high 0.10 mm, pressure roller unilateral high 0.075 mm. Add spacing device, pressure cylinder for Ø 160 mm.
10Electronic components and accessories:Schneider brand,TECO motor.
Pneumatic components.rotary joints,metal hose:YADEKE,TENGZHOU brand

Technical parameters:


NO. Name Technical parameters
1 Working width 1800mm
2 Design speed 150m/min
3 Operating direction As customer’s required
4 Flute type As customer’s required
5 Base bracket Casting HT200
6 Thickness wallboard Casting HT200/ thickness 240mm
7 Corrugated roller diameter Φ360mm/52CrMo alloy steel
8 Pressure roller diameter Φ385mm /45 steel
9 Preheating roller diameter Φ402mm/45 steel
10 Glue roller diameter Φ240mm/45 steel
11 Main inverter motor 30kw / 45kw inverter attached
12 Fan motor 20kw(It depends on flute type)
13 Air source 0.4—0.9Mpa。
14 Steam pressure 0.8—1.3Mpa


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