Semi Automatic Flute Laminating Machine


Semi Auto Flute Laminator copy

Use and Characteristics:

1.Automatic feeding bottom paper, frontage pushing face paper, feeding paper fast and lower work intensity.
Localization bottom never go beyond, suitable for laminating the paperboard together and for laminating the 2.paperboard with the A/B/C/D/E corrugated cardboard together.
3.Bottom paper and face paper can fore-and-art adjustment, easy to laminate together.
4.Feeding glue system are automatically controlled by liquid relay, thickness of glue can adjust. Gluing uniformity, lower glue cost.
5.Control panel, electromagnetism clutch without touch point relay, position is monitored by photoelectric switch, digital automatic counter.
6.High precision laminate, the finished products are of smooth surface edge and of high intensity.
Whole structure is compact, with beautiful appearances and high work efficiency.

Technical parameters:


Parameter 1300
Max.size (Mm) 1300 x 1100
Min. size (Mm) 350 x 350
Laminate Precision (Mm) ≤±1.5
Speed (M/ Min) 80
Total power (Kw) 5
Length (M) 8 x2 x 1.3
Total weight (T) 4.5


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