Double pre-heater


Pre heater cyclinder copy


Technical parameters:


No Name Technical parameters
1 Effective working width 1800mm
2 Wallboard Casting HT200
3 Pre-heater diameter Ø270 mm
4 Wrap angle shaft diameter Ø86mm×2
5 Cycloid pin wheel motor power 0.75kw
6 Steam temperature and pressure 150-200°/0.8-1.3MPa

Structural features:

1.Preheat cylinder pressure vessel meets a national standard, together with the pressure vessel certificate and inspection certificate.
2.Preheat cylinder electric wrap angle worm drive shaft, corners integrally connected with the cylinder axis of the structure.
3.Preheat the cylinder after each roll-off grinding and precision grinding hard chrome plating, improved finish reduces friction, durable.
4.With electric adjustment corners, corners can be adjusted within the range of 60-270 °, can effectively adjust the paper heated area.
5.Preheat the cylinder head using the butterfly design can improve the performance of the pressure cylinder; using steam heating to ensure uniform heating paper.
6.Corners motor with planetary cycloid pin wheel motors, and a good self-locking performance.
7.Electrical components centralized control, its components: use Shinaide brand,West Germany
8.Bearings are made of: Harbin Bearing
9.Pneumatic components, rotary joints, metal hose: AirTAC selection, Tengzhou Jin Xuan genuine products.


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