Full Automatic Stacker Machine


Full automatic gantry stacker copy 3


1.Design speed : 100m/min.
2.Working width : 1800mm.
3.Stacked cardboard maximum length :2400 mm.
4.Cardboard maximum stack height : 500 mm.
5.Gas supply :0.4-0 .9 Mpa.
6.Operating direction : Left or Right Mobile phone ( to be determined according to customer plant )

Motor parameters:

(1)Planetary cycloid motor 2.2 KW 440V 50 Hz
(2)(2)Planetary cycloid motor 0.75 KW 440V 50 Hz

Structural features:

1.The control unit adopts the high quality and high performance PLC man-machine interface and a computer control system of an on-line production management system.
2.Power adopts planet cycloid gear deceleration motor, frequency conversion control can automatically track the speed of conveyor belt production speed and change, realize the energy saving and efficient work requirements.
3.Each section of the belt is equipped with independent power driven, easy to complete the cardboard under different speed, different cutting length education, stack, and accurate count and discharge.
4.The horizontal line of paper roller adopt chain transmission, stable running, easy to maintain.
5.Pile of paper subsection control platform, backboard position can be electric or automatic adjustment, in order to suit different length specifications board, thus ensuring the pile of paper neatly, paper and orderly.
6.The photoelectric control, safe and reliable, piled up neatly. It can realize automatic accumulation, as the cardboard paper on automatic drop slowly. Stack height is 350 mm.
7.The electrical system of intelligent design. Equipped with pneumatic lift plate, landing gear and electric pneumatic pick paper, paper receiving landing gear will decline gradually with the cardboard stack, when accumulated to a certain height, the landing gear on the origin, the pneumatic lifting plate will automatically lift, at the same time electric paper baffle will back some distance, then cardboard smoothly cross out quickly. After a certain period of time (set), the paper will again rise to the top of the landing gear, and electric and pneumatic lift plate paper board return to original state, beginning to stack.


Main parts, raw materials and origin:


Main parts Brand or origin
Motor Cangzhou Qisheng
bearing Harbin
Arrange ushering bearing AnhuiQianshan WanshanBrand
Air cylinder Tianyuan pneumatic
Solenoid valve Tianao Hydraulic factory
Electrical components Delixi
Pneumatic components Tianao Hydraulic factory
Computer control system Cangzhou Aite Science and technology co. LTD


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